Four ways to make your listing stand out

Great presentation:

We’ve spoken previously about the importance of presenting a home really well, and it’s definitely a key step in making sure your listings stand out.

One real estate agency in Australia surveyed their 50 top-performing agents on the importance of home presentation, and whether they believed that styling a property will achieve a higher sales price. In their survey 98% felt that styling a home the right way can achieve a higther sale price. Furthermore, 92% of agents surveyed said that styling a home could achieve a quicker sale.

So what styling tips do agents recommend?

The most popular one is to declutter, and that involves hiding or removing items in a room so that there is less stuff sitting around a room. When there is too much clutter a room feels smaller, and that’s the opposite of what new home buyers are looking for.

However, sometimes more significant steps are needed, especially when the agent or seller are hoping for a top price. Over at The New York Times they recount a story of one homeowner who put their home on the market after taking steps to declutter, but maintained the owner’s eclectic mix of furniture. The home failed to sell, even after dropping the price from $1.85 million down to $1.65 million. Eventually the selling agent convinced the owners to bring in a professional home stager, and they removed the owner’s furniture and added new contemporary pieces.

The place was “mobbed” at the first open home, and with a crowd of buyers they were able to achieve a successful sale for $1.8 million.

As Jane Saidenberg, the design director of Studio D noted: